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By Dr. Hugo Bachmann dipl. Ing. (auth.)

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Indikation und Praxis cerebroprotektiver Maßnahmen in der Neurochirurgie: Bericht über eine Gesprächsrunde am 8. Juni 1985 in Frankfurt

Unter Mitarbeit von Filos, okay. ; Müchler, H. C. ; Polarz, H. ; Prinzhorn, G. ; Rehn, H.

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Am J Epldemiol 109: 132-144 Deubner DC, Wilkinson WE, Helms MJ, Tyroler HA, Hames CG (1980) Logistic model estimation of death attributable to risk factors for cardiovascular disease m Evans County, Georgia. 135-143 Doll R, Peto R (1981) The causes of cancer JNCI 66·1191-1308 Graham S, Dayal H, Swanson M, Mittelman A, Wilkmson G (1978) Diet m the epidemIOlogy of cancer of the colon and rectum. IN CI 61 : 709 - 714 Higginson J, Muir CS (1979) Environmental carcmogenesls: misconceptIOns and limitations to cancer control.

6 Selected patient groups: I, Good health/high mtimacy (n = 45); II, good health/low mtImacy (n = 29); III, poor health/high mtimacy (n = 52); IV, poor health/low intimacy (n = 76). dividuals. In the low-intimacy subset, one-quarter versus three-quarters were assigned to the good- and poor-health categories. At T 1 , several weeks post-MI, depressive affect appeared to be lower in the healthy and higher in the unhealthy group. In each, patients with an emotionally close marital bond reported significantly lower Hopkins scale scores.

E. the coronary-prone behaviour pattern, depressed mood and 'vital exhaustion', as well as basic mistrust of others and conflictual interpersonal relationships (Groen 1987; Price 1982; Williams et al. 1985; Henley and Williams 1986). The social class variable was a correlate of several of the seven predictor variables. Blue-collar workers, in particular the unskilled and semi-skilled, appraised their health situation more negatively and displayed greater long-standing psychological distress than other patients, although social class was not inversely related to JAS scores.

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