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By Ludovica Cesareo

This e-book goals to spot, study, and systematize the to be had study on counterfeiting and piracy released over a thirty-five yr time span (1980–2015) as a way to spotlight the most traits within the illicit alternate literature, suggest feedback for managers combating opposed to illicit exchange, and supply a place to begin for destiny study. Counterfeiting and piracy, i.e., the violation of highbrow estate rights (IPRs), together with logos, copyright, and patents, were investigated throughout a mess of fields, from ethics to advertising, from legislation to enterprise, from criminology to psychology. whereas the variety of contributions has been significant, learn on either call for and provide has been fragmented and has now and then yielded contradictory effects. furthermore, the inability of an in depth, interdisciplinary, and updated literature assessment has made it challenging to totally comprehend what points of the phenomenon want additional explanation so as to stem buyer call for and supply significant feedback to businesses combatting illicit exchange day-by-day. A systematization of the prevailing literature is basically paramount and this desire is absolutely met via this book.

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19 authors per paper. 2 %). 2, while details for the authors who have written 5 or more articles each are provided below. • 14 articles: Peggy E. Chaudhry, of Villanova School of Business, Villanova University, USA, is the most productive author of all time. She has authored a total of 14 articles, of which 2 as a single author and 12 in co-authorship. • 11 articles: Ian Phau, Curtin University of Technology, Australia. • 9 articles: Deli Yang, Bradford University School of Management, UK. • 8 articles: Ram D.

Out of the 572 articles analyzed, 162 articles did not make a direct reference to any specific industry, discussing counterfeit and/or pirated goods in general. 7 %) (Figs. 24). 0 50 100 Software Music 200 250 300 350 400 91 Content goods (music, movie, software, print, video games) 61 Luxury 52 Fashion (apparel and accessories) 48 Multi-industry 23 Movie Mobile Phones 150 92 19 6 Other 6 Automotive 4 Pharmaceutical 3 Video games 3 Grocery 2 Fig. 5% Fig. 6 Conclusion This chapter delved deeply and descriptively into the past 35 years of academic literature on counterfeiting and piracy, highlighting trends and figures in terms of typologies, methodologies, samples, methods of analyses, authorship, citations, product categories, industries and distribution channels.

With the emergence of the knowledge economy and the advent of new digital technologies, for example, the whole concept of Intellectual Property enforcement needs to be revised and modernized. 2 International and National Legal, Political and Economic Frameworks on Counterfeiting and Piracy Previous literature describing the national and an international legal framework governing counterfeiting and piracy worldwide, has emphasized the difficulties governmental entities face in normative enforcement, mostly in the digital setting.

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