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By Milton H. Erickson

Those converstions happened over a 17 12 months interval and have been recorded as a part of Gregory Bateson's venture on communique and therapy...specializing within the examine of Erickson's methods of fixing human beings...

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Conversations With Milton H. Erickson, MD: Changing Couples

Those converstions came about over a 17 12 months interval and have been recorded as a part of Gregory Bateson's venture on verbal exchange and remedy. .. focusing on the examine of Erickson's methods of fixing humans. ..

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E: That's right. Those two teachers are tremendously grateful. They came back later and said, "You know, we've always had minor disagreements. We're not having those anymore. " H: Postpone the quarrel? E: Postpone the quarrel. W: In the case of this couple and mother, did the mother give them to understand that she would move beforehand? E: The mother really expected to move; daughter expected, husband expected mother to move. I knew there was no possibility for mother to recognize it. She couldn't possibly grasp it because she's too tied up with her rigid patterns.

The dresses were modeled for her in the suite. They never got out of the suite. An absolute kingdom within that suite, and she was the Royal Queen. The beauty operator came up every day, bringing apparatuses to dress her hair. Can you imagine anything as stupid as that? And he held forth on how generous he'd been. Ev said, "But I wanted to put my bare feet in the Pacific Ocean. (Laughter) I wanted to walk on the sand. I flew over the ocean. I had never seen the ocean before. Weianded at the airport and there was that beautiful car that Suspicion, Joint Interviews, 65 and Quarrels took us right to the hotel.

Erickson, Gregory Bateson, Jay Haley, and John Weakland. B: What do you do with paranoid suspicion between husband and wife? E: These paranoid suspicions? B: Yes. E: "Undoubtedly your husband has given you cause for suspicion. You would prefer not to be suspicious of him. " E: "And that means that you are not going to scrutinize carefully, because you would prefer not to be suspicious, but you are, and there is reason. Don't you think it would be better if you scrutinize carefully and find out the exact reason rather than these vague, general, unwarranted reasons?

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