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By George H. Weiss

This number of self reliant articles describes a few mathematical difficulties lately constructed in statistical physics and theoretical chemistry. The e-book introduces and studies present examine on such issues as nonlinear platforms and coloured noise, stochastic resonance, percolation, the trapping challenge within the idea of random walks, and diffusive versions for chemical kinetics. a few of these themes have by no means earlier than been provided in expository ebook shape. utilized mathematicians could be brought to a few modern difficulties in statistical physics. moreover, a couple of unsolved difficulties presently attracting extensive examine efforts are defined.

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Fluctuation theorem

The query of the way reversible microscopic equations of movement may end up in irreversible macroscopic behaviour has been one of many principal concerns in statistical mechanics for greater than a century. the elemental concerns have been recognized to Gibbs. Boltzmann carried out a really public debate with Loschmidt and others with no passable answer.

Complex Dynamics of Glass-Forming Liquids: A Mode-Coupling Theory

The booklet comprises the single on hand entire presentation of the mode-coupling concept (MCT) of complicated dynamics of glass-forming drinks, dense polymer melts, and colloidal suspensions. It describes in a self-contained demeanour the derivation of the MCT equations of movement and explains that the latter outline a version for a statistical description of non-linear dynamics.

Statistical thermodynamics and microscale thermophysics

Many intriguing new advancements in microscale engineering are in accordance with the applying of conventional ideas of statistical thermodynamics. during this textual content Van Carey deals a contemporary view of thermodynamics, interweaving classical and statistical thermodynamic rules and utilizing them to present engineering structures.

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