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Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution

Five a long time after Nasser and the unfastened officials overthrew the British-backed monarchy in a dramatic coup d'état, the way forward for Egypt grows extra doubtful via the day. John Bradley examines the junctions of Egyptian politics and society as they slowly fall apart below the dual pressures of a ruthless army dictatorship at domestic and a incorrect center East coverage in Washington. within Egypt is a tour-de-force of the main brutal Arab kingdom the place torture and corruption are endemic--but person who is additionally a key U. S. all and a ancient local trendsetter. This uniquely insightful ebook brings to bright lifestyles Egypt's competing identities and political tendencies, because the Mubarak dynasty struggles to solve a succession trouble and the disciplined Islamists wait patiently within the wings for an opportunity to grab power.

Someone switched over the pdf to epub whole with TOC. It's approximately retail caliber.

The Exodus Quest

Proof collide with fiction within the pulse-pounding sequel to the hugely praised The Alexander Cipher, that includes archaeologist Daniel Knox.


On the path of the misplaced lifeless Sea Scrolls, archaeologist Daniel Knox stumbles upon a robbery in growth at an historical temple close to Alexandria. Then a senior Egyptian archaeologist is violently killed, and the finger of suspicion issues at Knox himself. so as to add to his mounting concerns, his companion Gaille Bonnard is abducted whereas exhibiting a tv team round the ruins of Amarna. She manages to smuggle out a message, pleading with Knox to rescue her, yet he's locked in a police mobile on suspicion of homicide enormous quantities of miles away. His simply wish of clearing his identify and saving Gaille is to crack one of many maximum unsolved mysteries of the traditional international. .. earlier than it's too overdue.

Les textes des sarcophages et la démocratie : éléments d'une histoire culturelle du Moyen Empire égyptien

Sarcophagus texts are usually thought of the key expression of center nation faith. yet have been those texts rather written for the advantage of each one person? This quantity demonstrates that the "users" of Sarcophagus texts didn't characterize the inhabitants as an entire, yet simply particular diversified teams.

Egypt – Temple of the Whole World = Ägypten – Tempel Der Gesammten Welt: Studies in Honour of Jan Assmann (Numen Book Series: Studies in the History of Religions)

"The highbrow historical past of old Egypt" – as soon as wrote Jan Assmann – "can not often be acknowledged to became a part of our cultural reminiscence. it's a topic of fascination, now not of figuring out. " This fascination started while historic Greek visitors begun vacationing Egypt, and keeps unto today, typically as a scholarly look for the oldest roots of our cultural reminiscence.

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After two centuries of peace and prosperity, Egypt entered another dark age. About 35 Ancient Egypt 1800 bc it fell for the first time to foreign invaders. Down from the north came the Hyksos, a barbarian people who used horses and chariots in combat and also had superior bows. The Egyptians, fighting on foot, were no match for them. The Hyksos occupied Lower Egypt, living in fortified camps behind great earthen walls; but they failed to conquer Upper Egypt. When the Egyptians had learned the new methods of warfare, the ruler Kamose began a successful war of liberation.

Beyond the court rose the hypostyle hall—a forest of huge pillars holding up a roof. Past the hall was the sanctuary of the temple-god. Only priests and the pharaoh were allowed to enter the sanctuary. There were many variations of this plan. Large temples—particularly the great Temple at El Karnak—had a series of courts, each faced by a pylon. An avenue of sphinxes led from El Karnak to the Temple at Luxor. Painting and Sculpture Wall paintings took the place of reliefs in many private tombs of the New Kingdom.

Radiating flower clusters bloom at the tip of each stem. The Egyptians made a parchmentlike paper, also called papyrus, from the pith, or inner portion, of the stalk. Papyrus stalks were also used to make boats and to weave baskets. The fiber provided materials for sails, matting, and rope. Caulk for boats was derived from the pith, and, when dried, the roots furnished fuel. The scientific name of the papyrus plant is Cyperus papyrus. The plant is now cultivated chiefly as an ornamental in parts of northern and tropical Africa.

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