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By Dion Fortune

Violet Mary Firth Evans, derived her pen-name 'Dion Fortune' from the Latin of her kin motto 'Deo, non fortuna' ('by God, no longer fate'). An encouraged occultist, she labored with such luminaries of the esoteric global as Theodore Moriarty and MacGregor Matthers ahead of founding her personal mystical/magical association 'The Fraternity (now Society) of the internal Light'. 'The Mystical Qabalah' is Dion Fortune's transparent, concise creation to the profound mysteries of the many-layered glyph referred to as the Otz Chiim, or Tree of existence. broadly and deservedly considered as an occult vintage, the publication explores all facets of the airtight Qabalah, targeting the relation and correspondences among the 10 Holy Sephiroth at the 3 pillars, and their reference to the twenty-two paths of subjective awareness. The Tarot's and Astrology's hyperlinks to the glyph are likewise thought of intimately. the paranormal Qabalah is a useful primer for knowing the interior workings of The Tree, a ebook that offers up extra layers of which means the extra occasions it truly is learn. a useful key for beginner and begin alike.

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The primary conformation of the Tree is into three Pillars. It will be observed by reference to the diagrams that the Se_phiroth readily lend themselves to this threefold vertical division, for they are arranged in three columns. These are called the Right-hand Pillar of Mercy, the Left-hand Pillar of Severity, and the Middle Pillar of ;\iildness or Equilibrium (see diagram I). 4· Before proceeding any further we must make clear the significance of the right and left sides of the Tree. As we look at the Tree in the diagram we see Binah, Geburah, and Hod upon the left side, and Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach upon the right side; this is the way we view the Tree when we are using it to represent the Macrocosm.

The Qabalists further placed upon the Paths of the Tree the Signs of the Zodiac, the Planets, and the Elements. Now there are twelve Signs, seven Planets, and four Elements, making twenty-three symbols in all. How are these to be fitted on to the Twenty-two Paths? Herein is another "blind," but the solution is simple. Upon the physical plane 24 THE MYSTICAL QABALAH we are ourselves in the Element of Earth, therefore that symbol does not appear upon the Paths which lead into the Unseen. Remove this, and we are left with twenty-two symbols, which fit accurately and, correctly placed, are found to correspond perfectly with the Tarot trumps, each elucidating the other in the most remarkable fashion, and giving the keys to esoteric astrology and Tarot divination.

This is their function, and the only reason they are referred to. It is only by reason of our infirmities that we need to have these unresolvable symbols presented to us, and the mind disciplined in esoteric philosophy soon learns to work within these limitations and accept as a painted veil the symbol of that which lies beyond its ken. This way lies the unfoldment of wisdom, for the mind grows with what it feeds upon, and one of these days, when we have climbed to Kether, we may hope to stretch out our hands and rend the Veil and look through into the Limitless Light.

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