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By Susan Wood Gearhart

Discusses the benefits and drawbacks of modeling jobs and gives recommendation on tips to holiday into a few of the parts of the modeling company.

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40 Opportunities in Beauty and Modeling Careers Retail Sales Most of the more famous salons promote their own cosmetic and hair products. Depending on how large the retail aspect of their business is, many salons actually have a salesperson in the employ of the salon. If there is no specific salesperson, the operator who recommends the special hair treatment or shampoo will receive commission on the sale. The beauty salon, of course, covers its cost and a small commission as well. Many specialists sell almost all of the creams, lotions, packs, scrubs, astringents, cleansers, and makeup that they use in the salon itself.

The nail salon manager, or for that matter any person with a license in manicuring, could well own his or her own nail salon. These can be extraordinarily successful as there is minimal expense for equipment. A few manicure tables and a small, clean, and welllighted salon are the basic requirements. Your operators usually take home half of their fees plus their tips. You would have half of all the income and any monies you yourself made doing manicures as well. Nail salons are one of the best examples of ultra-successful small businesses.

Beauty School Ownership Beauty schools can be privately owned or part of a franchise operation where many schools are in the possession of a large business. These schools can be very successful; with all the new laws there are nail schools, aestheticians’ schools, and electrologists’ schools teaching their fields exclusively. Graduates in these areas number in the tens of thousands annually. With tuition costs ranging from $2,000 for a license in man- 46 Opportunities in Beauty and Modeling Careers icuring to $10,000 for one in hairstyling, you can see that these are solid businesses.

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