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By Dr Adefolake O. Adeyeye

The expanding value of CSR signifies that businesses needs to think of multi-stakeholder pursuits in addition to the social, political, financial, environmental and developmental effect in their activities. even though, the pursuit of gains via multinational organisations has ended in a sequence of questionable company activities and the results of such practices are fairly obtrusive in constructing international locations. Adefolake Adeyeye explores how CSR has advanced to assist the anti-corruption crusade. by means of studying voluntary ideas appropriate for curtailing corruption, rather bribery and analysing the household and extra-territorial legislation of Nigeria, uk and the U.S. for containing agencies answerable for bribery, she assesses the adequacy of foreign law's technique in the direction of company legal responsibility for bribery and explores direct company accountability for foreign corruption. the jobs of company governance, worldwide governance and civil legal responsibility in curtailing company corrupt practices are given precise concentration

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Corporate social responsibility 9 include the alleged social responsibility of business officials and labour leaders to keep prices and wage rates down in order to avoid price inflation, and claims that business should contribute to the support of charitable activities and especially universities. Friedman felt that a responsibility to keep prices and wage rates down would lead to product and labour shortages, grey markets and black markets. He said price controls, whether legal or voluntary, if effectively enforced would eventually lead to the destruction of the free-enterprise system and its replacement by a centrally controlled system, and would not be effective in controlling inflation.

Unocal. 963 F. Supp. 880. See Carlyn Carey ‘Unocal Corporation can be liable for human rights abuses in Burma’ (1999) 7 Hum. Rts. Br. 9. 76 Wiwa v. 77 revolves around the murder, by hanging, of Nigerian activist and writer Ken Saro-Wiwa in November 1995, the torture and detention of his brother, and the shooting of a woman peacefully protesting against Shell’s planned pipeline in Nigeria. 78 The plaintiffs in the case, members of the Ogoni people, allege that companies participated in human rights violations against them in retaliation for their political opposition to companies’ oil exploration activities in Nigeria.

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