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This line of reasoning suggests that consciousness alone can reveal the nature of mental qualities, so that only conscious states can have these qualities. The sketch of an account put forth in section 2 undermines this picture. On that account, the sensory qualities of sensations resemble and differ from one another in ways that parallel the similarities and differences that hold among the corresponding perceptible properties of physical objects. So knowing what it is like to be in a sensory state is not the only way to understand the nature and character of sensory qualities.

The general theme is always that the unconscious mental processes are more significant than the conscious ones. Perhaps the earliest canonical statement is in Lashley's claim,2 "No activitity of mind is ever conscious" (Lashley's italics). Another extreme version of this approach is to be found in Jackendoff's claim3 that in fact there are two "notions of mind", the "computational mind" and the "phenomenological mind". I believe that it is a profound mistake 'Lashley, Karl (1956). I don't think Lashley means this literally.

3211990, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF); and "Consciousness and HigherOrder Thought", Report, forthcoming/l990, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF). , , "Another example relies on a surprising fact about vision. Our visual field seems replete with visual detail throughout. This is because eye movements provide foveal vision over a wide area, and we retain the visual information thus gained. Nonetheless, at any given moment we are aware of little visual detail outside the center of our visual field.

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