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3. The consumption of transit goods in Vietnam must comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law on import of goods, taxes, charges, fees and other financial obligations. - Prohibited acts during transit 1. To pay transit remunerations in transit goods. 2. To illegally consume goods in transit or means of transport carrying goods in transit. - Goods transit services Goods transit services mean commercial activities whereby traders carry out the transit of goods under the ownership of foreign organizations or individuals through the Vietnamese territory for remunerations.

Other forms of agency agreed upon by the parties. - Ownership right in commercial agency The principal is the owner of goods or money delivered to the agent(s). - Agency remuneration 1. Unless otherwise agreed, agency remuneration shall be paid to agents in the form of commission or price margin. 2. Where principals fix goods purchase or sale prices or service charge rates, agents shall enjoy commissions calculated in percentage of such goods purchase or sale prices or service charge rates. 3. Where principals do not fix goods purchase or sale prices or service charge rates but fix only agency prices, agents shall enjoy price margins.

Rights of customers Unless otherwise agreed, customers shall have the following riqhts: 1. To request traders providing assessment services to perform the assessment according to the agreed contents; 2. To request re-assessment if they have sound reasons to believe that traders providing assessment services fail to properly satisfy their requirements or perform the assessment in an untruthful and nonobjective manner or with technical and professional errors; 3. To request payment of fines or damages according to the provisions of Article 266 of this Law.

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