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By C. G. Jung, Sir Herbert Read, Gerhard Adler, R. F.C. Hull

Sixteen reports in non secular phenomena, together with Psychology and Religion and Answer to Job.

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It is indeed pathetic to have an intelligent man almost imploringly assure you that he is suffering from an intestinal cancer and declare at the same time in a despondent voice that of course he knows his cancer is a purely imaginary affair. [13] Our usual materialistic conception of the psyche is, I am afraid, not particularly helpful in cases of neurosis. If only the soul were endowed with a subtle body, then one could at least say that this breath- or vapour-body was suffering from a real though somewhat ethereal cancer, in the same way as the gross material body can succumb to a cancerous disease.

Religion, as the Latin word denotes, is a careful and scrupulous observation of what Rudolf Otto1 aptly termed the numinosum, that is, a dynamic agency or effect not caused by an arbitrary act of will. On the contrary, it seizes and controls the human subject, who is always rather its victim than its creator. The numinosum—whatever its cause may be—is an experience of the subject independent of his will. At all events, religious teaching as well as the consensus gentium always and everywhere explain this experience as being due to a cause external to the individual.

If, however, Jung’s definition cited above be kept in mind, and if it be remembered that the earlier interpretations of what is now known as synchronicity were essentially religious in Jung’s sense and that the I Ching was studied by the most illustrious of the Eastern sages, the intention of the Editors will be apparent. Jung’s commentary on The Secret of the Golden Flower might equally well have come into the second part of this volume, but because of the many analogies between this Taoist text and alchemy, the Editors have placed it in Volume 13, Alchemical Studies.

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