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By Gordon E. W. Wolstenholme, Maeve O'Connor

Chapter 1 Chairman's commencing comments (page 1): Dr. G. S. Dawes
Chapter 2 Implantation and the Maternal popularity of being pregnant (pages 2–31): R. V. Short
Chapter three The Foetus as an Allograft: The position of Maternal Unresponsiveness to Paternally Derived Foetal Antigens (pages 32–58): G. A. Currie
Chapter four Independently Regulated artificial Transitions in Foetal Tissues (pages 59–78): William J. Rutter
Chapter five the level of Foetal Endocrine Autonomy (pages 79–94): Alfred Jost
Chapter 6 Foetal Metabolism (pages 95–116): D. Pauline Alexander, H. G. Britton, N. M. Cohen and D. A. Nixon
Chapter 7 Roles of Placental Lactogen in Foetal?Maternal kin (pages 117–131): J. B. Josimovich, B. Kosor and D. H. Mintz
Chapter eight the improvement of the Foetal Lung (pages 132–146): R. E. Pattle
Chapter nine The path and Distribution of the Foetal circulate (pages 147–161): Abraham M. Rudolph
Chapter 10 Foetal Blood fuel Homeostasis (pages 162–175): G. S. Dawes
Chapter eleven a few alterations in Neuromuscular functionality taking place within the Perinatal interval (pages 176–185): A. J. Buller
Chapter 12 general and irregular Foetal Weight achieve (pages 186–217): J. J. Hoet
Chapter thirteen The Foetal function within the Initiation of Parturition within the Ewe (pages 218–244): G. C. Liggins
Chapter 14 Reactions of the Foetus to medications Taken by way of the mummy (pages 245–270): H. Tuchmann?Duplessis
Chapter 15 position of Hormones in Programming the critical frightened approach (pages 271–285): Seymour Levine and Lucy Jones Treiman
Chapter sixteen Genetic Assimilation of Environmental Variability within the association of Behavioural Capacities of the constructing worried process (pages 286–314): Benson E. Ginsburg
Chapter 17 Chairman's ultimate feedback (pages 315–316): Dr. G. S. Dawes

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46,580-582. In Livrejubilaire: Mhnloires originnux didit%uu Prfesseur Gaston Cofte,pp. 519-532. Lyon: Audin. [Note added in prooJ Short: In the rhesus monkey, J. D. Neil, E. D. B. Johansson and E. Knobil(1969, Endocrinology, 84,464-465) have convincingly demonstrated that hysterectomy does not influence the cyclical regression of the corpus luteum. In the horse, W. R. , in press) has shown that if the complcte conceptus is removed up to day 34, the endometrial cups fail to develop. If the conceptus is removed on or after day 40, however, the cups develop and secrete normal amounts of PMSG for a normal length of time even though no foetal tissue is present.

1968). In Growth Hormone, Abstract 74, ed. , and Miiller, E. E. Amsterdam: Excerpta Medica Foundation, International Congress Series, no. 158. DISCUSSION 31 HISAW,F. Bid. 119-137. JOSIMOVICH, J. Etrdocrinology, 83, 530-543. R. S. /. , in press. LANMAN, J. , and DINERSTEIN, J. Eizdocrinology, 64,494-502. , and PSYCHOYOS, A. (1967). r. hebdSkatlc. Acad. , Paris, 264,Ser. D, 956. ,and CATCHPOLS, H. R. Proc. exp. Bid. , 46,580-582. In Livrejubilaire: Mhnloires originnux didit%uu Prfesseur Gaston Cofte,pp.

Then at the end of December the maternal restraint is removed, the trophoblast elongates, as in the sheep, and placental attachment occurs (Short and Hay, 1966). 1 mm indiameter, or does she only wake up to the fact at the end of December ? We have seen enough to conclude that there is unlikely to be a universal mechanism for the maternal recognition of pregnancy. This will depress those who study animals in the hope that their results can be extrapolated to man, and it will excite those, like myself, who delight in biological variability.

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