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The Wright brothers' feat is one of the most audacious in the history of invention. To understand it, once again, we follow the turn of the screw. The Wright brothers divided or parsed the problem of flight into three parts: lift, control,and power. This is abstract conceptualization, far from the immediacy of need-driven invention; in short, it is mental play of the highest order. I think this initial parsing of the problem was one of their most significant contributions. If a complex problem can be satisfactorily divided into parts, then the complexity is greatly reduced because each part of the problem can be attacked separately as a smaller problem.

Does a cake froster have graduated marking on the side? If so, then perhaps Anna's invention is a generalization of the syringe. Simply consider the syringe's contents and size as variables that can take on any number of different values. What other materials can we use in a dispenser of this type? James R. Wollin is an eighth-grade winner. James has trouble getting peanut butter out of a jar, particularly the last of it. His invention is the Jar of Plenty, a jar with a double lid—one on the top and one on the bottom.

Why use dollars instead of kilowatt hours? Probably because there is more motivational power in money than in kilowatt hours. The meter should be inside so that it can be conveniently monitored near the site of the crime (the thermostat), just like bathroom scales really belong in the kitchen next to the refrigerator. Lisa's problem is that during winter her car is all iced up and cold. Her solution is to have it start ahead of time, so it would be warmed up before going out. Her invention is a remote controller like TVs have that would start it.

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