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By Richard L. Doutt

The Cape Province of South Africa enjoys a Mediterranean weather just like that of a lot of California, however the unique bulbs local to the area can, with right care, be grown in harsher & wetter climates. This ebook describes the author's favorites, all of which he has effectively grown in his backyard.

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9'34324dc20 93-17655 CIP Page 5 Contents Preface 7 Acknowledgments 11 Chapter 1: A South African Treasure House 15 The Physical Environment of Cape Bulbs 15 Habitat Destruction 21 Neil MacGregor, Conservationist 21 Community Wildflower Shows 22 The Annual Cycle of Bulbs 26 Chapter 2: Cape Bulb Culture 29 Cape Bulb Habitats 30 South African Cultivation Methods 32 Californian Cultivation Methods 33 Culture of Cape Bulbs in Cold Winter Areas 35 Growing Cape Bulbs from Seeds 36 Gardening Is the Art of Watering 41 The Outdoor Bed Method in the Netherlands 42 Bulb Culture Throughout the Year 43 Leaf Cuttings 45 Pests and Diseases 46 Hybridizing 51 Cut Flowers 53 Chapter 3: A Cape Bulb Encyclopedia 55 Cape Bulb Nomenclature and Classification 55 The Cape Bulbs: Agapanthus to Zantedeschia 60 Glossary 227 References 231 List of Suppliers and Organizations 245 Index 247 Page 6 To Lucinda and Betty, who have so enriched my life Page 7 Preface South African friends introduced me to Cape bulbs in the 1980s, and I am eager to share my enthusiasm for these flowers.

He is unsurpassed in his dedication to preserve one of the most beautiful concentrations of wildflowers in the world, and he has created a true national treasure for South Africa. Among the many bulb genera being conserved at Glenlyon are Brunsvigia, Bulbinella, Gladiolus, Hesperantha, Lachenalia, Lapeirousia, Romulea, and Sparaxis. Community Wildflower Shows Among the delightful events of the spring season in the Cape are the wildflower shows held annually in several rural farming communities.

During the first couple of months the seedling pots are kept in partial shade; then they are moved into a sunnier location, where they remain during their first summer. A note of caution here: To avoid burning tender shoots, do not abruptly move a plant from shade to full sun if it is in an early growth stage. Page 39 Figure 2-1 Growth of seedling Babiana villosa with early, fleshy contractile root and later fibrous roots. Page 40 Figure 2-2 Corm of Gladiolus tristis with numerous, tiny cormels.

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