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The environment is always to some degree mass-minded. It often wants us to filter out some 18Two Essays, CW 7, par. 305. , par. 103, note 5. Page 34 very useful idiosyncrasies. Where it has succeeded, we may need to look into our shadows to see if there is anything there we ought to resurrect. So, as various functioning centers develop within the psyche, numerous opportunities for polarities develop. These mobilize the activity of the archetypes and, to the degree that the ego recognizes them, can lead to further differentiation of consciousness.

While this may gain me the inclusion I seek, I'm likely to be roundly rejected by other groups: my parents, teachers, the police, even other friends who have no use for the gang. The result is the same: my identity is based more on my persona than on my ego. Because my persona is derived primarily from the influence of the gang, I have a rather collective identity.

Unlike the other complexes, the ego complex is organized by consciousness. If my ego complex can begin to sort things out and to assimilate to consciousness data previously based on feelings, maybe I can recognize that my coach, teacher, boss, or husband really isn't identical to my father. For one thing, the location and time are different, For another, they do things my father never didthings I have difficulty noticing because they haven't been in my experience. They may resemble my father in certain ways, but those resemblances may account for only a small part of their overall interactions 16 "A Review of the Complex Theory," The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche, CW 8, par.

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