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In the dog a n d monkey it is somewhat less effective than m e p r o b a m a t e , zoxaaolamine o r chlormeaanone, a n d m u c h l e s s so than chlordiazepoxide o r diazepam. Unlike COOCH(CH3) m o s t m u s c l e r e l a x a n t s of t h i s type, i t i s a selective antagonist of strychnine-induced conS02NH2 vulsions; however, i t s h a r e s t h i s p r o p e r t y with metaxalone and to a l e s s e r extent with mephene(XV) sin. Benzodioxane d e r i v a t i v e s continue to b e studied f o r t h i s activity.

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