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With a present for irony, the limerick, and an knowing of kids, Lewis Carroll got down to write a publication of wonderful leisure. the tale has not anything didactic approximately it and features exclusively as a comedy, utilizing delusion and the burlesque. even though written for kids, it truly is enjoyable to adults, too.

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One may be sentenced to death without having committed a crime--indeed, without having received a verdict. In contradicting the Queen, Alice confronts the system of Wonderland directly, as a leading participant-actor; she is no longer a detached observer. Wonderland is now a world of cruelty, destruction, and annihilation, and Alice sees this, and already we can see the possibility of her emerging from it, smiling and unscathed. The Queen orders the gardeners to be executed. Alice manages to save their lives, however, by hiding them in a flower pot.

Alice cannot make the creatures understand this, however, and finally she sighs. “I think you might do something better with time . . ” To this, the Hatter replies: “If you knew Time as well as I do . . you wouldn’t talk about wasting it. ” Time is thus suddenly personified and becomes the source of much punning and comic relief. ” “Ah! That accounts for it,” says the Mad Hatter. ” The bat is not the shining star of the Victorian poem, but a repulsive and morbid symbol of the ugly course of events about to begin.

Com The Mad Tea-Party is filled with atrocious puns in conversation. The pun is determined by the coincidence of two words that sound so alike that relevant information is muddled. And here the play on words is a way of freeing meaning from conventional definition. The Dormouse, for instance, tells a story about three sisters who lived in a treacle well and were learning to “draw” treacle (molasses). Alice asks: “But I don’t understand. ” “But they were in the well,” says Alice (very logically).

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