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By stating the problem, she opens the floor for brainstorming of ideas. The other topics may seem important, but are things that can be dealt with after the major discussion. Roadblock to Defining a Problem Often the biggest impediment to defining a problem is speed. When you are busy, especially on the job, you may be tempted to simply deal with superficial evidence, especially when it comes in the form of an aggravation or irritation. In such as case, you act quickly, rather than stop to look and see if the problem is merely the symptom of a larger or more serious issue.

When you go to get it, you discover all copies have been checked out. Or you run into an unforeseeable technology problem, such as a computer crash or a printer breakdown as you’re trying to finish a report for a deadline. All these problems are relatively easy to solve. In the first case, you can ask the librarian to check other libraries for the book, or even pick one up in a bookstore, if the price is reasonable. For the technology problems, you could find temporary solutions like working from a backup disk on someone else’s equipment.

To improve problem solving and decision making skills, you will need to take this awareness to the next level by focusing. No matter which way you are informed, you will need to apply yourself to get the most out of the information you receive. You must: ■■ ■■ Practice Some of Leo’s classmates complain to him that the teacher, Ms. Alixon, unfairly graded their papers. ) Several students remark that Ms. Alixon is known for grading low. The classmates ask Leo to represent them and report the seemingly unfair grading to the school administration.

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