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By Arieh Ben-Naim

The important message of this ebook is that thermodynamics and statistical mechanics will reap the benefits of changing the unlucky, deceptive and mysterious time period entropy with a extra everyday, significant and acceptable time period resembling info, lacking details or uncertainty. This substitute could facilitate the translation of the motive force of many techniques when it comes to informational alterations and dispel the secret that has continuously enshrouded entropy.

it's been one hundred forty years due to the fact that Clausius coined the time period entropy ; nearly 50 years on the grounds that Shannon built the mathematical conception of data for that reason renamed entropy. during this ebook, the writer advocates changing entropy by way of details, a time period that has develop into wide-spread in lots of branches of technological know-how.

the writer additionally takes a brand new and impressive method of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. details is used not just as a device for predicting distributions yet because the basic cornerstone inspiration of thermodynamics, held in the past through the time period entropy.

the themes lined contain the basics of likelihood and knowledge conception; the overall proposal of knowledge in addition to the actual notion of knowledge as utilized in thermodynamics; the re-derivation of the Sackur Tetrode equation for the entropy of an awesome fuel from in basic terms informational arguments; the basic formalism of statistical mechanics; and plenty of examples of straightforward approaches the motive force for that's analyzed by way of info.

Contents: parts of likelihood idea; parts of knowledge thought; Transition from the final MI to the Thermodynamic MI; The constitution of the rules of Statistical Thermodynamics; a few easy functions.

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It is true that in many cases, increase in entropy can be qualitatively correlated with increase in disorder, but that kind of correlation is not always valid. ” It does not explain why disorder should increase in a spontaneous process. My objection to the association of entropy with disorder is mainly due to the fact that order and disorder are not well-defined and fuzzy concepts. They are very subjective, sometimes ambiguous, and at times totally misleading. 3 and Chapter 3). 12). This view however is not universal.

For instance, ideal Fermi gas at T=0 K, has non-zero energy, see also Leff (1999) and Hill (1960). 5). The removal of the units from Clausius’ entropy would not have any effect on the interpretation of the entropy within the classical (or the non-atomistic) formulation of the Second Law. It would have a tremendous effect on the interpretation of Boltzmann’s entropy, in terms of probability, and later in terms of the missing information. The units of Clausius’ entropy were, for a long time, the stumbling blocks that hindered the acceptance of Boltzmann’s entropy.

See cover design. 22 This will automatically expunge the Boltzmann constant kB from the vocabulary of physics. It will simplify the Boltzmann formula for the entropy, and it will remove the stumbling block that has hindered the acceptance of entropy as information for over a hundred years. It is also time to change not only the units of entropy to make it dimensionless,23 but the term “entropy” altogether. ” It does convey some measure of information. Why not replace the term that means “nothing” as Cooper noted, and does not even convey the meaning it was meant to convey when selected by Clausius?

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