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The Schuman document 2011 on eu union is either a reference and a device on ecu affairs: A reference publication: collecting contributions from top specialists, it is helping the readers to construct their very own perspective on key concerns: eu politics, kingdom of the economies within the present obstacle, Europe on the planet and demanding situations on overseas safeguard. a device booklet: with round 30 unique maps, it gathers a whole set of key info: Synthesis of political existence in Europe, Key figures on Europe, with reviews and research.

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Better still in the citizens’ opinion it seems to have legitimised the demand for greater intervention on the part of Europe to counter the crisis. For Greater Intervention on the Part of a Better Protected Europe A Eurobarometer survey11 reveals emerging hope on the part of Europeans to continue reform as part of the community and for greater cooperation between Member States. Hence in May 2010 86% of Europeans wanted greater cooperation between Member States to counter the crisis. 75% hoped for greater coordination of economic and financial policies between the EU’s Member States whilst only 73% wanted this in the autumn of 2009; 72%, ie 4 points more than in the previous wave, wanted the EU to supervise the activities of the major international 8.

Although Parliament has passed laws on the programme to reform financial supervision in its capacity as a “deliberative” institution at that point it was not, by definition, either in a position nor adequately adjusted to face the management of the crisis. Amongst the institutions, only the ECB – which is not really a “political” institution in its own right but one whose legitimacy rests on its independence – proved it could respond rapidly and manage the crisis in the exceptional circumstances that arose with the banking crisis in 2008-2009 and then with the euro in 2010.

And even though this may be difficult and take a lot of time and effort, in the end, Europe’s mainstream parties will be judged by the concrete results of their governance, on the European level as well as on the national ones. This is the only way to create the positive results that will in the long run dry out any support for populist parties with simplistic answers and outdated world views. But part of this effort is listening to the people and taking them seriously. That is no kowtow to populism.

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