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By James Axler

While a military of mutants, led by means of a charismatic and robust lord, is going on a rampage throughout the wastelands, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists search how to unite the infighting baronies.

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No one could stop her. As she climbed higher and higher, the interlinked creatures she passed over became noticeably larger and 24 DEATHLANDS stronger—they had to be in order to maintain their position in the chain of bodies. The strongest of all were at the very top. They were die most desirable mates. Mates! Even as Krysty understood the purpose of her dream-body's superhuman effort, she felt a strange pull, an arching ache in her groin. She looked down at herself in astonishment. She had no breasts, and she was most definitely a male.

Fix the elevator so no one but us can use it" Krysty followed Ryan, dropping down through the hatch. The heels of her boots squished into something soft and wet as her full weight hit the floor of the car. The inside of the elevator was a enamel house, the walls scorched and concave from the gren explosion, and dripping with fresh splatters of stickie blood. They Skydark 51 booted the knot of corpses aside and prepared to open fire the instant the doors parted. There was nothing alive to shoot at, just an enormous, low-ceilinged, concrete-floored room lit by tracks of overhead fluorescents.

Built before skydark, the redoubts and their mat-trans gateways had endured the nuke barrage because they were entirely self-contained, blast-proofed and powered by their own nuclear reactors. In the course of dozens of locational jumps with the units, they had come across only a very few people who had discovered the secret of the gateways. All that was about to change. And not for the better. Chapter One A whisper of chill, stale air crept along the mat-trans chamber's armaglass walls, and with it came a whiff of something sharp and electric.

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