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By Sabato Leo (auth.)

This thesis studies at the ultimate size of the flavor-mixing section in decays of strange-bottom mesons (B_s) into J/psi and phi mesons played in high-energy proton-antiproton collisions recorded via the Collider scan at Fermilab. Interference happens among direct decays and decays following digital particle-antiparticle transitions (B_s-antiB_s). The part distinction among transition amplitudes (“mixing phase”) is observable and intensely delicate to contributions from non-standard-model debris or interactions which may be very challenging to observe another way – a incontrovertible fact that makes the suitable dimension of the B_s blending part some of the most very important ambitions of particle physics. the consequences offered contain an actual decision of the blending section and a set of different vital supplementary effects. All measurements are one of the such a lot certain on hand from a unmarried test and supply considerably more desirable constraints at the phenomenology of latest debris and interactions.

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Then the beam transverse-profile was shaped to its optimized configuration by mean of iron plates which acted as collimators and trimmed the transverse beam-halo. The interaction region had a roughly Gaussian distribution in both transverse (ψT ≈ 30 µm) and longitudinal (ψz ≈ 28 cm) planes approximately centered in the nominal interaction point. When the beam profile was narrow enough and the conditions were safely stable, the detectors were powered and data taking started. 2 × 1032 cm−2 s−1 , because of the beam-gas and beam-halo interactions.

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