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Had the responsibility to pay for the silk; if, however, he was judged to be a middleman or a broker, E-kee himself had the responsibility to do so. In view of the way in which the case was developing in court, it was apparent that Jardine, Matheson & Co. must win if the chief judge gave the judgment. However, just after the proceeding was due to terminate, on 29 March 1867, Jardine, Matheson & Co. suddenly compromised with E-kee and the Chinese dealers, stipulating that they would convert the two native bank drafts drawn against the Ewo China Bank if E-kee and the Chinese dealers agreed to withdraw their plaint.

Outward transit pass] to a foreign merchant for the purchase of native produce in the interior, three months shall be allowed for the province within which the issue takes place, six months for adjacent provinces, and twelve months for provinces at a distance, as the period within which the goods are to be brought down to the port, and the certificate is to be surrendered and cancelled. Each Custom house, on the issue of a certificate, shall stamp upon it the period for which it is limited, and a declaration that on the expiry of this period the document shall become null and void.

The emergence of Indian black tea changed the taste of British consumers. At first, they did not like the strong taste of Indian tea, so retailers in Britain had to sell Indian tea mixed with Chinese tea. 5 million pounds. 5 million pounds, that of Indian tea increased by 8 million pounds in the same year. 26 During the trade boom British and other Western merchants became aware that the export trade in tea and silk could no longer be as profitable as before. Since they tried to obtain as much profit as possible from the tea and silk export trade, even though the two Chinese export trade goods were not so popular in the world market, they again caused commercial disputes with Chinese dealers.

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