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By Michael Furmston, Paul Dobson, Nigel Gravells, Phillip Kenny, Richard Kidner, Michael P Furmston

The purpose of the ebook is to supply a transparent and digestible advent to important subject matters in advertisement legislation. each one subject is decided out in a self contained,clearly annotated part as follows: half I Sale of products; half II corporation; half III Carriage of products via Sea (the so much litigated zone of carriage of products within the UK); and half IV overseas revenues. The textual content may well, consequently, be consulted all through a examine programme, because the subject happens within the educating, in addition to in its entirety. each one of those subject matters is important to an figuring out of business legislation and as such may be incorporated in so much undergraduate syllabuses. the thing of the e-book is to supply the scholar with an information and figuring out of this zone of legislations as a way to stand them in strong stead for extra examine and examinations.

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It is one of the features of English law that quite different regimes apply to contracts for the sale of land and the sale of goods. So, for instance, while sellers of goods are under extensive implied liability as to the quality of these goods, sellers of land are liable only for their express undertakings as to quality. Usually, there is no difficulty in deciding whether the contract is one for the sale of land or for the sale of goods but there are some borderline problems in relation to growing crops or minerals under the land.

In both cases, property in the raw materials will pass but the skills deployed in converting the raw materials into the finished product appear to make up the greater part of the transaction. There is one obvious difference, however. A contract to buy a ready-made suit is clearly a contract for the sale of goods but a contract for a house already built is a contract for the sale of land. This has meant that the seller of a house does not undertake the implied obligations as to the quality of the product which are undertaken by the seller of goods.

For instance, one might well talk of hiring a bus for a school outing but this would not strictly be correct if, as would usually be the case, the bus came with a driver. In that case, the owner would remain in possession through the driver and the contract would be simply one for use of the bus. The position is the same in a commercial context where a piece of plant such as a bulldozer or a crane is supplied with an operator except where, as is often the case, the operator is transferred with the equipment and becomes for the time being the employee of the hirer.

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