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Methods to develop greens, fruit, reduce vegetation, herbs and different crops hydroponically. This vintage is now re-published with new pictures, a brand new format and revised textual content. a must-have source for an individual who desires to develop hydropincally.

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The surface below the media must first be graded to produce a slope which will give appropriate drainage to a collection point from where solution can either be recirculated or disposed of. The graded surface must be covered with a material that will keep the media clean. It may be concreted or covered with asphalt (Note: asphalt is cheaper than concrete); or covered with heavy duty PVC film laid on a bed of fine sand. Bag Culture Extensive use is now made of thick black polythene bags for bag culture.

An overf low drain adjusts the nutrient fill height and ensures the system does not overf low. seed sowing in rockwool PAGE 42 > BACK TO CONTENTS PAGE ROCKWOOL USE FOR PROPAGATION Rockwool propagation blocks are used to provide transplants for growing not only in rockwool systems, but also in aggregate culture and NFT. They are commonly made from a 40 mm thick slab of rockwool with horizontal fibres and slits from the top to give individual blocks 40 mm square. e. the greater depth, hence greater head of water, increases aeration in those blocks).

Most waste rockwool slabs go to landfill, at an expense to the grower. Some growers have successfully shredded waste slabs and incorporated them into cropping soil or growing mixes, but any disposal option has an expense involved. Slabs can vary in width, length and depth. Most manufacturers offer a variety of sizes. ■■ Small slabs partially cut into tiny cubes are used for propagation. Seeds or cuttings struck in these blocks can be transferred to larger growing slabs or blocks by carefully separating the individual cubes and then planting them on or into the larger slabs.

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