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By Graham Greene

Graham Greene's chilling exposé of violence and gang battle within the pre-war underworld is a vintage of its kind.
Pinkie, the teenage gangster, is with out compassion or human feeling, despising weak point of the spirit or of the flesh. accountable for the razor slashes that killed Kite and likewise for the demise of Hale, he's the embodiment of calculated evil. As a Catholic, even if, he's confident that his retribution doesn't lie in human hands.
he's for this reason no longer ready for Ida Arnold, Hale's avenging angel. Ida, whose allegiance is with lifestyles, the right here and now, has her personal principles in regards to the situations surrounding Hale's loss of life. For the sheer pleasure of it she takes up the problem of bringing the infernal Pinkie to a mundane type of justice.

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Reproduced by permission. —Idol, Billy (wearing large cross pendant on chest), photograph by Ken Settle. Reproduced by permission. —Phillips, Caryl, photograph. © Jerry Bauer. Reproduced by permision. —West Indies Negro slave, photograph. Corbis Corporation. Reproduced by permission. —O'Brien, Edna, photograph. © Jerry Bauer. Reproduced by per- mission. —Kelman, James, photograph by Alan Wylie. Reproduced by permission. —Council housing at Blackhill, Glasgow, Scotland, photograph. —Stevenson, Robert Louis (sitting at desk, pen in right hand), engraving.

Tennyson, Lord Alfred, photograph. Archive Photos. Reproduced by permission. —Trinity College Gate, from Tennyson, written by Peter Levi. —Bronte, Charlotte (hair parted in center, wearing lace cap), painting. Archive Photos. Reproduced by permission. —Fontaine, Joan, Orson Welles (his arms around her), in the film Jane Eyre, 1944, photograph. Archive Photos, Inc. Reproduced by permission. —Hardy, Thomas (wearing dark suit, checked tie), photograph. Archive Photos, Inc. Reproduced by permission.

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