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By Linda Marchant, Christophe Boesch, Gottfried Hohmann

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and bonobos (Pan paniscus) are the one species of the genus Pan, and are people' nearest family. This e-book is an in depth evaluate of the newest observations from box reports at the variety of Pan social habit, with contributions from some of the world's best specialists. a variety of social habit is mentioned together with instrument use, searching, reproductive concepts, clash administration, demographic variables and ecological constraints. as well as interspecies behavioral variety, this article describes interesting new examine into diversifications among assorted populations of a similar species.

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M. DORAN ET AL. KEY P. t. schweinfurthii P. t. verus P. paniscus G. g. beringei Fig. 7. A phenogram of the UPGMA clustering of African apes, including mountain gorillas in addition to bonobos and chimpanzees, based on average taxonomic distances computed from overall data set (nϭ7 taxa, 81 variables). unusual demographic and environmental conditions. Additional study of chimpanzees from a wider range of their geographic distribution should clarify the issue. Currently, there are three additional ongoing studies of habituated eastern chimpanzees (Kanyawara, Ngogo, and Budongo).

Malenky, R. K. (1990). Ecological factors affecting food choice and social organization in Pan paniscus. PhD thesis, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York. McGrew, W. C. (1992). Chimpanzee Material Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. McGrew, W. C. (1998). Comment on C. B. Stanford, The social behavior of chimpanzees and bonobos. Current Anthropology, 39, 411. Mitani, J. C. & Watts, D. P. (1999). Demographic influences on the hunting behavior of chimpanzees.

C. McGrew, L. F. Marchant & T. Nishida, pp. 45–57. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. NOTE The publisher has used its best endeavours to ensure that URLs for external websites are correct and active at the time of going to press. However the publisher has no responsibility for the websites and can make no guarantee that a site will remain live or that the content is or will remain appropriate. 2 • Chimpanzees in the dry habitats of Assirik, Senegal and Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda KEVIN D.

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