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Writer Frederik Dietz makes use of AngularJS Succinctly to stipulate universal projects and demanding situations for builders utilizing Angular.js. together with his support, beginners and specialists alike will discover a reference that basically outlines numerous demanding situations, their options, and technical causes for the way the demanding situations are conquer. no matter if you're a beginner trying to comprehend Angular.js or a professional looking a reference advisor, AngularJS Succinctly is critical!

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The scope and controller initialization is a bit more involved. We use inject to initialize the scope and controller as close as possible to how our code would behave at run time, too. We can't just initialize the scope as a JavaScript object {} since we would then not be able to call $watch on it. $new() will do the trick. Note that the $controller service requires MyCtrl to be available and uses an object notation to pass in dependencies. The $digest call is required in order to trigger a watch execution after we have changed the scope.

This way, you can easily reuse the same model in different controllers and test it more easily. Consuming JSONP APIs Problem You wish to call a JSONP API. Solution Use the $resource service and configure it to use JSONP. As an example, we will take the Twitter Search API here. searchTerm }); }; } You can find the complete example on GitHub. Discussion The Twitter Search API supports a callback attribute for the JSON format as described in their documentation. The $resource definition sets the callback attribute to JSON_CALLBACK, which is a convention from Angular when using JSONP.

Consuming RESTful APIs Problem You wish to consume a RESTful data source. Solution Use Angular's high-level $resource service. delete({ id: id }); The complete example code is based on Brian Ford's angular-express-seed and uses the Express framework. You can find the complete example on GitHub. 56 Discussion Following some conventions simplifies our code quite a bit. We define the $resource by passing the URL schema only. This gives us a handful of nice methods including query, get, save, remove, and delete to work with our resource.

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