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By Edward Jablonski

Within the really short interval of WWII the aircraft advanced from a interest right into a decisive think about army pondering.

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Thus was Germany's not approved originally, was a most terrifying and That this the technique was a violation of Wever's went unnoticed tactics in Spain. By the in summer useful weapon in his close-support tactics. The ugly, bent-winged dive bomber, with the shrieking sirens of the attached to the landing gear, was hailed as a scourge more mod- of the battlefield. Only a few Stukas were sent to the success of 1937 ern aircraft were dispatched to the Condor Legion. Heinkel Ills approaching a Spanish town.

The transportation been mined by the Poles attack. Once the alarm be blown and the it was known, they had in the event of a German was given the bridges would fine timetable of conquest would be upset. Dilley's problem was to sever the wires which lay embankment of the Vistula at Dirschau. The fog and the darkness, for it was barely dawn of Friday, September 1, 1939, did not make the misin the left sion an easy one. There were trees to skirt landmarks to seek which disconcertingly and slipped past or disappeared in a patch of fog before they The engine whined near pro- in sound was coupled with the explosions.

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