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By Michaela Mahlberg

This publication proposes an cutting edge method of basic nouns. common nouns are outlined as high-frequency nouns which are characterized by way of their textual services. even if the concept that is inspired through Halliday & Hasan (1976), the corpus theoretical procedure followed within the current research is essentially various and set in a linguistic framework that prioritises lexis. The research investigates 10 nouns which are very common in mainstream English, as represented by means of the financial institution of English Corpus. The corpus-driven method of the knowledge contains a severe dialogue of descriptive instruments, resembling styles, semantic prosodies, and primings of lexical goods, and the idea that of 'local textual services' is recommend to characterise the features of the nouns in lexis. The research not just indicates a characterisation of normal nouns, but in addition stresses that features of lexical goods and homes of texts are heavily associated. This hyperlink calls for new methods of describing language.

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To specify what ‘systematic’ means, for the time being, I would like to propose the following definition: a grammar is a set of generalisations about the behaviour of words in text. In opposition to this concept, ‘lexis’ can be understood as the set of lexical items of a language. Based on the link between lexis and text, textual statements can be included in this grammar as features of lexical items. On the basis of the results of the corpus study, this idea of grammar will be developed in more detail in Chapter 8.

3). Still, on the whole, Hoey’s theory of priming may be criticised for proceeding too fast with abstract categories for the description of the phenomena he finds in his corpus. For instance, the priming for grammatical function may describe a word as being positively or negatively primed for Subject function in clauses (cf. g. Hoey 2004a: 390). In contrast, Hunston & Francis’ (2000) approach is more radically corpus-driven. 2, the Pattern Grammar takes a critical stance towards functional interpretations in terms of clause elements, offering a pattern analysis as an alternative.

2 will outline the minimal assumptions for general nouns in de- Chapter 2. The corpus linguistic point of view tail. The present section concludes with more basic points about the corpus theoretical framework, which will accommodate the results of the study. In a very brief and simple way, we may say that major linguistic units that are typically identified are words, sentences, and texts, corresponding to the disciplines of lexicology, grammar/syntax and textlinguistics/discourse analysis. Corpus-driven work argues for a language description in which lexis gains in importance, and new types of units are identifiable.

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