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By Jack A. Spigarelli

An entire advisor to emergency preparedness for our doubtful occasions. nearly an encyclopedia of meals garage and private preparedness, it covers issues from precisely the best way to layout a nutrition garage application adapted on your specific family members to becoming and retaining foodstuff, storing gas, trade strength, emergency evacuation kits, clinical and dental, surviving organic, chemical and nuclear terrorism, communications, number of firearms and different survival instruments, and getting ready for earthquakes. Dozens of special, professional checklists and tables with images and index. huge publication and source lists with commonplace and net addresses. An absolute needs to for these thinking about getting ready for and surviving in the course of our risky occasions.

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However, air dried tends to loose nutrients more slowly because its shriveled form protects itself better than the porous structure of freeze dried. Within a year or so their value is approximately equal. 56 FOOD AND WATER STOCKPILING Shelf life. Air dried keeps a bit longer under the same conditions. The freeze drying leaves less moisture and is more effective at destroying microorganisms, but the resulting porous structure allows faster deterioration. This also explains why open shelf life for air dried is substantially longer.

On each card list the item, its size or amount, its purchase date and its replacement date (the dates can be changed when you replace the item). Then make a board (poster board will do nicely) with a pocket on it for each type of item in your storage. Label each pocket by the type or category of item, 32 FOOD AND WATER STOCKPILING its shelf life, replacement period and the total amount needed You could also list the size of each unit and the number of units needed to make up the total needed if the size is uniform.

44 FOOD AND WATER STOCKPILING Decontamination Three methods can be used to destroy or prevent infestations in new or salvaged storage foods: 1. Cold. Place small bags—ten pounds or less—of infested foods in the freezer. Two or three days at or below 0° F (-18° C) will kill the adult insects while the same time at -10° F (-23° C) will destroy the eggs and larvae as well. Upon removal, wait twentyfour hours and then dry off any condensation prior to storing. 2. Heat. All stages of insects can be killed by heating the internal temperature of the food to 150° F (66° C) and maintaining for four minutes, 140° F (60° C) for ten minutes or 120° F (49° C) for twenty minutes.

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