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This e-book and linked selection of visible information and sociological observations research how the Hong Kong designated Administrative area (SAR) has been visually re-imagined, remodeled, and used by its subalterns within the post-Handover interval to breed their aspirations and calls for for higher democracy and social justice whereas at the same time contesting the hegemonic strain exerted via China less than the “One state, Systems” ideology. It presents a wealthy visible description and narrative of ways Hong Kong’s many repressed social and political actors have struggled to make their voices heard below its aggressive authoritarian political procedure. The ebook addresses the becoming scholarly curiosity within the visible research of world protests and social hobbies as salient resources of sociological info and at the production of that means. through innovatively tackling the visible tradition and visuality of subaltern resistance in Hong Kong it contributes to our knowing of contentious SAR-China politics and the hot Social flow, and may be of serious curiosity to Hong Kong, resistance, social stream, and visible reviews students.

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8 Photo Essays Fig. 39 Protester holds two placards: one denoting her faith and the other imploring the US to cease waging war on the world albeit the “Islamic world” rather than a literal interpretation of “the world” Fig. 40 Many protesters displayed placards decrying discrimination and stigmatization of Muslims 41 42 1 Introduction Fig. 8 Photo Essays Fig. 42 A rare “aggressive” symbolic act of burning and stepping on a US flag in the form of a protester flyer during the hours-long rally and protest march Fig.

Other new pro-democracy social movements in Hong Kong have similarly used iconic American social movement or revolutionary imagery. 7 Data and Method 23 meanings that a hegemon long fixated and fearful o the territory’s potential as a base of subversion might derive from such a composition. Along the same cautionary line, offline and online protest visuals such as those used for mobilizing the “Hong Kong Revolution 2013” were reliant on images and pictorial representations of violent regime change6 in the SAR (and China) denote the influence (and importance) of popular culture in forming identities, communities, and resistance (Dittmer 2005, 2010) to hegemonic power.

18 Protest materials paying respect to Li Wangyang Fig. 8 Photo Essays 29 Fig. 20 Protesters marching through Western district of Hong Kong en route to the Liaison Office 30 Fig. 21 Youth activists carrying wreath paying respects to Li Wangyang Fig. 8 Photo Essays 31 Fig. 23 Activist shouts slogans as the Li Wangyang procession moves through Hong Kong’s streets 32 1 Introduction Fig. 8 Photo Essays Fig. 25 Protester demanding freedom during the Li Wangyang protest Fig. 26 Protester wearing anti-communist T-shirts outside of the Liaison Office in Western District during the Li Wangyang protest 33 34 Fig.

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