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'Co-creating Paradise' is booklet 2 of the Biofields & Bliss sequence through Australian metaphysical Researcher, Jasmuheen. packed with information and instruments to rework our own lives and our groups again into the nation of paradise, BB2 additionally presents well-researched info at the world's religions, the traditional knowledge, quantum physics, the multi-verses plus even more. ebook 1 during this sequence is 4 physique health - Biofields & Bliss. e-book three is the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace software.

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This is a world where all enjoy health and happiness. While there are no specific tuning tools for the Cosmological Biofield, as it is imprinted automatically when we tune our personal, social and global fields, the below data is of interest to many who are open to knowing such realms. Our Universe: According to the current scientific position the universe originated from an explosion, “the big bang” about 10-20 billion years ago. Immediately after the big bang the universe consisted primarily of radiation, but as it expanded, matter came to dominate, roughly a thousand years after the explosive beginning.

Similarly all the dimensions are interconnected so tuning to them just requires a frequency shift. Recognizing the Presence of these ones around us needs sensitivity and the ability to read the fields via the languages of light. This is the language beyond telepathy where all senses are utilized to intuitively scan the fields and is again something that unfolds naturally within us in direct relationship to our frequency. Most metaphysicians and meditators are now aware that if we change our personal keynote, we change our field reality.

Rapha-el: Known as the guide to physicians and travelers, Archangel Raphael also works with Mother Mary & children in education and healing. Rapha-el is known as the chief ruling Prince of the second heaven, chief of the Order of Virtues, guardian of the Tree of Life and one of the seven angels of the Throne. As such he is the perfect Angel to bring healing, balance and realignment. ’ will bring perfect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and balance to our being. Chant this 3 times, with intention and feeling, as we imagine being perfectly realigned by our DOW & Raphael.

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