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Another way of classifying the elements on the periodic table is by the period and group to which they belong. Periods are the horizontal rows on the periodic 19 Atoms, Ions, and Molecules table. They are numbered from 1 to 7. Elements in the same period have consecutive atomic numbers but differ predictably in their chemical properties. Groups or families are the vertical rows on the periodic table. They may be labeled in two ways. The older way involves a Roman numeral and a letter, either A or B.

It incorporates a base unit for the various quantities and then uses prefixes to moderate the value of the base unit. The Unit Conversion Method is a way to generate easily the setup to a problem. Be sure to round off the final answer to the correct number of significant figures and include the units with the final answer. 1. A substance that has a definite size and shape is a __________. 2. The abbreviation m stands for the prefix ____ and has the value ______. 3. The answer to the following calculation should have _____ significant figures.

Metals 4. periods 5. cations 6. true 7. false 8. false 9. false 10. a 11. c 12. b 13. d 14. a 15. d 16. f 17. e 18. d 19. c 29 Atoms, Ions, and Molecules 20. Protons Neutrons Electrons Charge Mass number 23 11Na 40 ϩ 19K 2ϩ 53 25Mn 130 54 Xe 3Ϫ 75 33As 11 12 11 0 23 19 21 18 ϩ1 40 25 28 23 ϩ2 53 54 76 54 0 130 33 42 36 Ϫ3 75 21. a. sodium sulfide b. magnesium chloride c. aluminum fluoride d. copper(II) oxide e. potassium hydride 22. a. CaCl2 b. Na2O c. AlN d. FeF2 e. FeF3 23. a. nitrogen dioxide b.

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