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By Steven Brust

Vlad Taltos, sorcerer, someday witch, and previous murderer, and his devoted jhereg tackle the most important hitters of the home of the Jhereg.

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Savn was actually beginning to enjoy this—to see it as a puzzle, rather than as the body of someone he had once known. ” “He would have had to hit very hard indeed to make a depression in the wood. But, yes, there should be one on the back of his head. ” “Yes. Think. ” Savn felt his eyes widen. ” He looked at the horse. “Yes,” he said. ” said the Master, smiling for the first time. “Now we can use our knowledge of Reins. ” “That is sufficient. ” “Oh, no! ” “Correct. So either he was in some great trouble, or he was not driving the horse.

His deeply lined face was even more grim than usual, and his protruding jaw was clenching at regular intervals, which Savn had learned meant that he was concentrating. The Master said, “It is time you learned how to examine the remains of a dead man. ” Savn swallowed and followed him to the horse-cart, with a roan gelding still standing patiently nearby, as if unaware that anything was wrong. On the wagon’s bed was a body, on its back as if lying down to take a rest, head toward the back. ” said Savn.

The eyes were lightly closed, and the mouth was set in a straight line. ” The Master grunted. “No, but that was a better guess than many you could have made. We don’t know yet that he died in his sleep, although that is possible, but we know two important things. ” “Oh. ” “Good. ” “Think! ” “When ... oh. ” “Exactly. Very good. ” “Ummm ... ” The Master grunted. “Not bad, but not quite right, either. Look at the bottom of the cart. ” Savn did so. ” Savn studied it and felt stupid. “I can’t tell, Master.

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