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By Joscelyn Godwin

Arktos is the 1st e-book ever written at the archetype of the Poles: celestial and terrestrial, North and South. This engrossing and occasionally hair-raising voyage via cosmology, occultism and conspiracy conception ends up in startling revelations concerning the secrets and techniques of the Poles. the writer investigates legends of a Golden Age, which a few declare led to a prehistoric disaster, a shift within the earth's axis. this can be tested within the gentle of the most recent geological theories, as are predictions of a coming pole-shift. The perennial fascination of those principles is proven to join a "polar tradition" of hidden knowledge. there are lots of recorded stories of an historic race acknowledged to have lived within the Arctic areas, which later unfold throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This supposedly "Aryan Race" entered the pantheon of Nazi Germany, with dreadful effects. the writer examines the origins of recent neo-Nazi ideology, its "polar" concept, and its hyperlinks with different arcana, together with the survival of Hitler, German bases in Antarctica, UFOS, the hole Earth, and the hidden kingdoms of Agartha and Shambhala. in spite of the fact that, "Arktos" differs from so much writings on those topics in its in charge and scholarly therapy, and its huge use of foreign-language assets. Born in England, Joscelyn Godwin teaches at Colgate collage, ny country. His many courses comprise "Athanasius Kircher" (1979), "Robert Fludd" (1979), "Mystery Religions within the historic World" (1982) and "Harmonies of Heaven and Earth" (1988), all to be had from Thames and Hudson.

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The experience of consciously separating from the physical body and leaving it behind can be extremely vivid and convincing. The experience of existing and operating remotely and independently from the physical body is also very distinct. But empty body perceptions do not allow projectors to perceive the underlying mind-split effects at work, because successfully remembered conscious-exit projection allows for only one side of a projection experience to be remembered... from the projected double's side only.

A chill went through me as I turned and an atmosphere of fear settled over me that I could not explain. We understood what was happening to us, both aspects of myself, and both of us concentrated on clearing our minds in an effort to ease the telepathic tension between us. This helped a little, and with enormous effort I made it through the wall and back out into the rain-drenched night. The pressure eased off quickly as I left the house and soon disappeared altogether. I flew away from the house, skimming rooftops and enjoying the thunderstorm once more.

But, it was also me floating down through the ceiling, watching myself sitting in the chair, while also watching my projected double watching the other me sitting in the chair. I was aware not only of both sets of vision, but of both sets of thoughts, from both sides at once. I was aware of being aware of both sets of thoughts, and of being aware I was aware of being aware of being aware of both sets of thoughts, and this was swiftly compounding and getting worse. This was not only mind-blowing and confusing, it was also starting to make me feel quite ill...

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