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By Alan Oken

"Our task is to lovingly and consciously cooperate with the forces at paintings in this globe at this time.  Astrology presents the way to hyperlink the person with a wakeful attunement to the planetary forces which are a part of and have an effect on the whole."

More than fifteen years in the past, Alan Oken pioneered the improvement of recent Age astrology with the e-book of 3 books gathered during this finished edition.  Now, newly up-to-date, Alan Oken's whole Astrology charts the cosmological pathway to bigger own achievement and non secular attunement via a deeper, extra intuitive knowing of our personal power--and the age we are living in.

Featuring cutting-edge astrological charts and diagrams, line drawings, charts of up to date celebrities, an exhaustive bibliography and masses extra, this new version of the vintage trilogy is without doubt one of the so much available and informative courses to the heavens ever written.  For novices and specialists alike, Alan Oken's whole Astrology is your key to figuring out the legislation of the recent planetary age.

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When the Earth is viewed from space, its shape is seen as a tangerine rather than as a perfect sphere. It is flat at the polar regions and bulges at its waistline , the equator. The gravity of the Moon and to a lesser extent, the pull of the Sun, cause the Earth to gyrate like a spinning top. In order to keep its relative position in space, the Earth must make a wobbling motion. This action causes the Earth to regress about 50 seconds of arc each year as it travels through the signs of the Zodiac.

When positively expressed, fiery people, i . e . , those who have either the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or a group of planets in fiery signs , generate inspiration to others, hold very high moral and religious ideals , and are sources of creativity , initiative, and courage. When projected nega­ tively, fiery people tend to be selfish , egotistical , foolhardy , oppor­ tunistic, and inclined to give way to their passions and emotions. 2 2As there are many factors in a horoscope , a total character assessment of an individual cannot be based on the presence of an element, even if this element should predominate.

Wherever the Sun goes , the Earth must fol low, and the Sun takes our planet and us on quite an extensive journey. In the first place, the Sun, along with its local star cluster, travels through our Milky Way Galaxy toward the constellation of Hercules at the speed of 1 4 miles a second. In addition to this voyage, the Sun has an orbit around the hub of our Galaxy. The length of our Sun's " year" equals 200 million of our own. This is how long it takes for the Sun to make one of its orbital revolutions.

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