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For the measurement with CRO, one of the pairs of the plates is connected to a circuit known as time base. Fig. 4. This time base provides a sweep voltage of the form shown in fig. (4). It should be noted that without time base voltage, the visual display of applied Sweep voltage or voltage wave-form is impossible. c. c. c. voltage circuit call time base circuits. When such Fig. 5. a voltage is applied to the pair of V-plates t 31 ELECTRONICS of CRO, the spot of light sweeps linearly across the screen in the horizontal direction and suddenly flies back to its starting point for the next sweep.

C. voltage according to fig. (11). c. voltage source. , XL' the voltage drop across L '-------{Jf~------I v - Vo sin Fig. 11. (5) Find the value of impedance. (6) Find the value of f by using the formula. No. --- XL Result : Frequency if) = 21t L = tan -1 (XL) "Ii Precautions: (i) Readings should be taken carefully. (ii) All the connections should be tight. (iii) Use high quality equipments. 8 Object: To verifY the Kirchoffs current law (KCL). c. supply, connecting wire. Apparatus details: Name of Typ I Rangel [~.

Mains = ...... V (iv) Maximum voltage obtainable from signal generator = ...... No. value Value indicated in colour code Tolerance Difference between measured value and given values indicated l. 2. 3. 4. 5. Precautions: (i) All the connections should be made tightly. (ii) For accurate result, readings should be taken carefully. (iii) Switch off after taking the readings. EXPERIMENT No. 2 Object : To measure the output voltage of the audio signal generator with the help of CRO. Theory : Both the CRO and the signal generator are important test instruments.

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