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By Haiim B. Rosen

The purpose of this publication is to let the scholar to learn, write, and communicate applicable Israeli Hebrew and to appreciate much less advanced biblical Hebrew. a special function is the author's use of the foundations of structural research. for college kids who're no longer accustomed to a language except English, he elucidates these beneficial properties of the language which are surprising within the constitution of English. the coed is expert, from the 1st, to learn "unvocalized" script because the local reader does, and "reading clues" (word and word styles) are supplied for this purpose.The paintings is equipped into sections that may be labored via in an instructional year—presentation of gains, textual content samples, routines, grammatical synopses, and person and accomplished glossaries. this article can be used by way of academics with no really good education in linguistics. it may be utilized by self-teaching scholars in addition to by way of these in school point, and it'll helpful for immigrants to Israel.

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