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By Horatio Clare

From the slums of Cape city to the palaces of Algiers, via Pygmy villages the place pineapples develop wild, to the Gulf of Guinea the place the ocean blazes with oil flares, throughout continents and fourteen nations - this epic trip is not anything to swallows, they do it two times a 12 months. yet for Horatio Clare, author and birdwatcher, it's the day trip of an entire life.

Along the best way he discovers previous empires and sleek tribes, a witch-doctor's recipe for stewed swallow, explains how one can shuttle with no cash or a passport, and describes a terrifying incident related to 3 Spanish infantrymen and a tiny orange puppy. by means of trains, motorbikes, canoes, one camel and 3 ships, Clare follows the swallows from reed beds in South Africa, the place thousands roost in February, to a barn in Wales, the place a couple nest in may well.

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