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By Israel Regardie

A easy creation to the sensible Qabala as a street map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and non secular development.

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Other than a purely idealistic one; that they are mere phases of our thought. Qabalists and all the various schools of Mystics generally begin from a still more absolute point of view, arguing that the whole controversy is a purely verbal one; for all such ontological propositions can, with a little ingenuity, be reduced to one form or another. There is in consequence of this observation in the realm of modern Philosophy what is 80 A GARDEN OF POMEGRANATES frankly considered to be an uncompromising deadlock.

One other preliminary matter must be touched upon before actually attempting an exegesis of the Sephiros. l representations of the universe. Eliphaz Levi writes in La Histoire de la Magie as follows: "The absolute hieroglyphical science had for its basis an alphabet of which all the gods were letters, all the letters ideas, all the ideas numbers, and all the numbers perfect signs. This hieroglyphical alphabet, of which Moses made the great secret of his Cabalah, is the famous book of Thoth ". The leaves of this "famous book" are also called the Atus of Thoth, the latter being the Egyptian god of Wisdom.

In another very important system, this idea is very picturesquely and graphically represented as the goddess Nuit, the Queen of Absolute Space and the naked brilliance of the night sky blue-the Woman" jetting forth the milk of the stars (cosmic dust) from her paps". THE SEPHIROS 48 It is the Absolute or the Unknowable of the Agnosticism of Herbert Spencer; the thrice-great Darkness of the Egyptian sacerdotal caste; and thc Chinesc Tao which .. resemblcth the emptiness of space ", and which" hath no Father; it is beyond all other conceptions, higher than the highest".

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