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By J. E. Cirlot

People, it's stated, are symbolizing animals. At each degree of civilization, humans have depended on symbolic expression, and advances in technology and know-how have in simple terms elevated our dependence on symbols. The language of symbols is taken into account a technological know-how, and this informative quantity bargains an fundamental software within the learn of symbology. it may be used as a reference or just browsed for excitement. lots of its entries — these on structure, mandala, numbers, serpent, water, and zodiac, for instance — could be learn as autonomous essays. The energy of symbology hasn't ever been larger: an important a part of the traditional arts of the Orient and of the Western medieval traditions, symbolism underwent a 20th-century revival with the research of the subconscious, either without delay within the box of desires, visions, and psychoanalysis, and not directly in paintings and poetry. a large viewers awaits the help of this dictionary in elucidating the symbolic worlds encountered in either the humanities and the historical past of rules.

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