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A few geometry learn aids are overly complicated and do extra damage than solid. 501 Geometry Questions presents concise questions and transparent solutions to familarize scholars with geometry questions. Standardized tests-takers will locate this booklet an imperative relief. Math options and houses are made transparent, together with trigonometry fundamentals, angles and features, ratios, share, perimeter, and floor measures.

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Vertical angles can be reflexive. True or False 75. When two lines intersect, all four angles formed are never congruent to each other. True or False 76. The sum of interior angles formed by a pair of parallel lines crossed by a transversal is always 360°. True or False 77. The sum of exterior angles formed by a pair of parallel lines and a transversal is always 360°. True or False 32 501 Geometry Questions Answers Set 11 51. d. In order to be a transversal, a line must cut across two other lines at different points.

C. d. e. a reflexive angle. an acute angle. an obtuse angle. a right angle. No determination can be made. Set 18 A bisector is any ray or line segment that divides an angle or another line segment into two congruent and equal parts. In Anglesville, Avenues A, B, and C meet at Town Hall (T). Avenues A and C extend in opposite directions from Town Hall; they form one straight avenue extending infinitely. Avenue B is 68° from Avenue C. The Anglesville Town Board wants to construct two more avenues to meet at Town 40 501 Geometry Questions Hall, Avenues Z and Y.

As a supplementary pair, the sum of their measures must equal 180°. If one angle is more than 90°, the other angle must compensate by being less than 90°. Thus if one angle is obtuse, the other angle is acute. 52 501 Geometry Questions 106. Adjacent complementary angles. ∠BTO and ∠OTC share a side, a vertex, and no interior points; they are adjacent. The sum of their measures must equal 90° because they form a right angle; thus, they are complementary. 107. Obtuse. ∠POC and ∠POB are adjacent angles on the same line.

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