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Absalom, Absalom!: Cliffs notes

Nobel Prize-winning writer William Faulkner wrote concerning the conflicts of the human middle. during this e-book, the reader follows protagonist Henry Sutpen in the course of the mammoth array of ethical and mental offerings that people come across within the challenging sleek international. This epic tale increased Faulkner to literary great prestige.

Emerson's essays: notes

Emerson used to be a talented pupil and humanitarian who wrote many essays trying to exhibit what's often called the Transcendentalist ideology. He idea that "the complete of Nature is a metaphor or photo of the human brain" and sought to unite nature and the soul.

Problems in Linear Algebra

Book's captured with digicam, readable.

Basic Math and Pre-Algebra (Cliffs Quick Review)

This ebook was once very valuable. i began again to varsity to paintings in the direction of an affiliates measure which calls for collage point math. i used to be bad at math at school and wanted a short refresher for the school placement attempt. This helped me significantly. you could persist with and extremely informative.

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