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The profession of Ezra Pound has come to symbolize the political traits which, it's been claimed, are inherent to modernist aesthetics. however the political impulses of the modernists can't be effectively represented via Pound's severe positions; Pound's personal political actions and commitments don't properly articulate the contradictory attitudes and ideology that made them attainable. by means of contrasting Pound's politics to the political values and ideology of Gertrude Stein and Louis Zukofsky through the melancholy, this ebook argues that those 3 very diversified writers percentage a posh set of attitudes and ideology that are grounded in a collective social myth resembling the increase of mass intake and the emergence of company social forms.

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Rather than higher wages for an increased share in the products of their labour, workers would be required to submit to a Good that was conceived to be in their interests, and which justified their place in the productive process. The division of labour peculiar to industrial production need not give up its momentum in order for the interpellation of the producer as its subject to succeed. According to Durkheim, the only remedy for the anomic division of labour is not 'to temper it with its opposite .

It returns not as a guide to conduct, but in a disciplinary form, as the ethic of sacrifice, in order to exploit, even as it provokes, a collective guilt; it demands repentance and sacrifice. Freud's thesis about melancholia is useful in arguing for the unity of the moral and the political moments in the cultural interpretation of Depression. In melancholia personal guilt and the attribution of blame coexist dynamically, and one of the consequences can be, as Dennis knew, a love of suffering. As I suggested above, Freud sees melancholia as a disturbance of the subjective world provoked by a crisis in the psychic economy: 38 Consumption and Depression an object of love, which had been at the centre of the ego's world, suddenly disappears.

Unlike German or Italian fascism, which tended to bring into view the Good that the capitalist economy of goods had forgone, American versions of fascism tended to predicate themselves on the material abundance of goods that capitalism seemed to promise but never deliver. Despite all the emphasis placed by critics on Pound's adulation of Mussolini, Pound wanted nothing more than an efficient means for the distribution of the abundance that modern forms of production 32 Consumption and Depression had made possible.

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