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By Derek Walcott

A suite of poems by way of modern poet, Derek Walcott, whose topic is the landscape of existence, panorama, tradition and politics of the West Indies.

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The Amerindians were the first people to inhabit Dominica, and this chapter will be presented as far as possible from their point of view. Because their use of the island was sporadic, it is necessary to place the description in a wider, regional context. The major populations of Amerindians in the region were to be found on the northern coast of mainland South America. They organized themselves into villages and tribal groups and sought their food by foraging and horticulture. These subsistence strategies posed certain difficulties for survival as their numbers grew.

Feigenbaum, quoted in Gleick 1987, 175 The purpose of this book is to describe the social history of Dominica, an island that, to date, has received little anthropological or sociological attention. The book draws on my fieldwork experience in Dominica in 1972-73, a brief return visit in 1984, and on primary and secondary historical sources. It is an attempt to understand the fieldwork data as the outcome of enduring historical processes. Trouillot (1984b, 181) comments, "Once revealed, the harsh realities of neocolonialism take such grand dimensions that little else seems to matter.

Trouillot (1984b, 181) comments, "Once revealed, the harsh realities of neocolonialism take such grand dimensions that little else seems to matter. " He answers that fieldwork can provide the information that the impact of Dominica's integration into a world economy is felt differently by different subgroups in different communities. The present work attempts to show that the effect of this integration, which was evident in Dominica at the time of the fieldwork, has deep roots and is part of a more pervasive human social phenomenon.

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