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By Lieven D'Hulst, E. a.

Modern examine on Caribbean literature monitors a wealthy number of issues, literary and cultural different types, varieties, genres, languages. nonetheless, the concept that of a unified Caribbean literary house continues to be questionable, based upon even if one strictly limits it to the islands, enlarges it to undertake a Latin-American point of view, or maybe delivers it inter-American dimensions. This e-book is an formidable tentative to assemble experts from a number of disciplines: neither simply French, Spanish, English, or Comparative reviews experts, nor strictly "Caribbean literature" experts, but additionally theoreticians, cultural reviews students, historians of cultural translation and of intercultural transfers. The contributions take on significant questions: what's the very best department of work among comparative literature, cultural anthropology and versions of nationwide or local literary histories? how should still one utilize "transversal" options corresponding to: reminiscence, house, linguistic expertise, intercultural translation, orature or hybridization? Case reviews and urban initiatives for built-in learn exchange with theoretical and historiographical contributions. This quantity is of maximum curiosity to scholars of Caribbean experiences commonly, but in addition to someone attracted to Caribbean literatures in Spanish, English and French, in addition to to scholars in comparative literature, cultural reports and move examine.

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In this other reading, the tropical city is depicted as the locus of a recovered harmony, of an organic interconnectedness between the people and their surroundings. 23 In the South American city, history does not unfold in a linear fashion, as it appears to do in the metropolitan nations. This is reflected both in the acceleration of time that occurs here, and in the superimposition of historical eras that evolve sequentially elsewhere. 24 22 “[…] he spoke with a mixture of contempt and affection of that sprawling capital, anarchic in its layout, without style, whose first streets were becoming visible beneath us” (37).

But we can refuse to use identity labels as epistemological shortcuts that, at once glance, tell us everything we need to know – about individuals, ethnic groups, nations, and, yes, critical methodologies. Because identity labels simulate knowledge, they obstruct imaginative access to the complexities of human lives and of lived communities. In Cereus Blooms at Night, Mootoo imag- Violence and Sexual Others in Caribbean Literary History 45 ines an impossibly inclusive community in which is there are, in the end, no selves, only persons.

There was something delicious about such confinement. I held up the dress and slowly stepped into it, savouring every action, noting every feeling. I powdered my nose, daubed rouge on my cheeks and carefully smeared a dollop across my lips. I looked down at my stockinged feet and the dress, pressed it with my flat palms against my body and worried that I might look disappointingly ridiculous to my benefactress. I took a deep breath. ” I called out in a loud whisper (76-77). As a narrator who is also a character in the novel, Tyler has at least two distinct audiences – Mala and the reader – , and he performs dif9 Shani Mootoo.

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