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Maximum f l o o r loading: 25 l b s . / s q . ft. Power requirement: 13 k v a . 50 c y c l e s . A i r conditioning: Central Processor: Peripherals: F o r magnetic tape s y s t e m o n l y . 4 1. 2 600 3/13 n a n1o s e1 c s . (7504) (7506) 1 1 » 1 1 usees " 1 1 nanosecs. " » » » 1 1 1 usees. u s e e s (7504) n a n o s e c s (7506) 1 W o r d Length: 48 b i t s + 3 c o n t r o l b i t s + p a r i t y Basic Storage: bit. Type Additional Storage: Input/Output: Size C o r e and thin f i l m m e m o r y 9 8 , 304 b y t e s - 3, 145, 728 b y t e s Type Size Disk File F r o m 1 million characters Type Speed Card readers C a r d punches Paper Tape readers P a p e r Tape punches Line printers Magnetic Tape Disc File 2 0 0 / 8 0 0 / 1 4 0 0 c p .

Systems Analyst Service: B u r r o u g h s S y s t e m s A n a l y s t s guide and a d v i s e on all of I n s t a l l a t i o n . facets Programming Service: Not General Comments: B u r r o u g h s 7 5 0 4 , 7506 p r o c e s s o r s can h a v e a maximum of 2048 l i n e s - f o r h a n d l i n g p e r i p h e r a l s i n c l u d i n g r e m o t e terminals. Selling Organisation Great Britain: available. in B u r r o u g h s Machines Limited 3/14 COMPUTING SYSTEM: B U R R O U G H S Β 8500 General Characteristics: A monolithic integrated c i r c u i t computer system, which c o m p r i s e s 3 p a r t s - up to 13 i n p u t / o u t p u t m o d u l e s , one o r m o r e c e n t r a l p r o c e s s o r s ( i .

Ft. / sq. ft. v. 38 kva. 60 cycles Floor area average complete system: Maximum floor loading: Power requirement: Air Conditioning: Central Processor: Peripherals: Central Processing Unit used: Magnetic tape only (GE 435 only) 400 Series Special Features which can be added to Central Processing Unit: GE 415 only features an interval timer, Memory protect, Symbol Controlled moves, a non-stop mode. GE 400 features Direct Access package. 5 us 1 5 . 8 us W o r d Length: 24 b i t s + p a r i t y . Basic Storage: Additional Storage: Type Size Magnetic C o r e 8, 192 - 3 2 , 7 6 8 w o r d s - 131,072 c h a r s Type Size Magnetic D r u m 12 m i l l i o n c h .

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