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By Bil Donovan

»Advanced model Drawing» is a realistic publication displaying the best way to illustrate for the style and way of life market.
Renowned model illustrator Bil Donovan indicates how you can create a demonstration with a feeling of favor,
rather than person who concentrates exclusively at the style determine.
A sequence of demonstrations and routines aid the complicated representation pupil hone their talents and elevate
their point of draftsmanship, whereas constructing their very own own type.

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XY1385_FashDraw_UK_SP_058-059 1/20/10 12:28 PM TK_UK Black Yellow Magenta Cyan 59 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 6 Black Shapes At this point you may be anxious to begin using the vocabulary of different shapes to create a finished drawing. Understandably as artists we like to invest more time in creating a finished drawing than in the preliminaries. Trust in the fact that the time you have invested up to this point was well invested. Every artistic discipline has a foundation formulated to allow the artist to build upon, explore, and nurture their work.

The idea behind mapping the figure in this exercise is based on the same premise. Three, five, seven to hundreds if not thousands of shapes could be used to communicate the figure. In this instance, try breaking up the figure into seven shapes. Once you have completed the seven shapes, choose one of the shapes, go into that shape, and add three to five shapes within it. For instance, if you choose the face shape, you might add an eye, mouth, and the shadow of the nose shape. Think of it as creating a map of the figure with seven continents and adding countries to some of those continents; maybe inside those countries adding states, then within those towns and cities.

That is, of course, if there is thought behind the selection of those shapes; without thought and selectivity, filling a space with less could be just that—less. The key here is to observe, think, be smart, select, and develop a drawing that, regardless of the number of shapes it contains, is interesting and dynamic. Above: In this illustration, Chuck Nitzberg uses the premise of selectivity to compose a face in a series of shapes. Each shape has a distinct character of line, media, or texture.

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